I am you

Live rich, Die meaningful

The white witch


Forever be

I wish if I could just take a stride and reach out to you wherever you are. Hold you by your arm and take you for a walk in the longest evening ever. And then when we are both tired we’ll sit on the dusty cement porch holding hands together. Talk life.
In this moment I would just want to absorb all your sorrows and griefs and give away all the love I have to you and just you. My soul has reached its point of elation where now I realize I have everything I’ve ever wanted from life and thus I have nothing to ask you from. In my mind I have already crossed my ethical contours and if required, further more I would go, for you my friend.
I might never know who you are or who you were before I met you but all I know is my soul is twin to you. So living for you would be as much as I am living for me. Again I say, I don’t know who you are, but with you it feels we’ve been together since ages. Never been apart.
I am irrevocably changed. My inner sense tells me that you are like a magical potion that will alter my existence permanently and make me a desire.
I may not know you but I know one thing, that you have a one track mind like me. Together, we’ll be the best fitting misfits. I’ll be waiting for you, come find me.

Ignorance is Bliss

I wish I never knew about it

I wish I never heard words

I wish I never saw things

I wish I never learned to understand

If I didn’t know a thing

Then things would be different

If I didn’t know how to think

Then things would be different

“Ignorance is Bliss” they say

And I think I wish to be ignorant forever

Sometimes I wish it were true

Sometimes there are things you cannot avoid

Knowledge holds a dangerous power

At times you would even doubt yourself

Many times have I cried

A lot of times I did my best to hide

But since you’re reading this

Then there’s no point to cover up

I wish I never felt different

About the things that would leave a mark on me

I wish I never knew

The hard truth that’s imprisoning the people I love

I wish I never heard

The facts hidden between the lines

All this time I wished I were not

The person chained to this truth

But I am what I wish to be

The very person who has this core

But do you know my core?

Yes this seems complicated

Yes this seems senseless

It involves knowing me by person

And knowing my words from where I stand

Reveal my secret if you can

Tell the world if you get what I really am saying

I know I play a bit more of a defense

But the love-full I am, I will be forever.

I wish you understand me

And the heavy feeling I carry

It isn’t a burden to pity

It isn’t a problem to solve

It’s a mere place to accept

It’s somewhere gratitude plays a big role

Hey! Knock Knock.. if you’ll excuse me now

I’ve got another life to live.


Rohit Patil

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